Kayla Caruso,  

CEO, Music Lessons Academy

A 22 Year Old Tech Start-Up Entrepreneur With Humble Beginnings…

What began in 2017 as a modest endeavour to be able to pay her way through university has developed into a powerhouse brand across Australia and New Zealand in the musical education industry.

From her small rented apartment in Sydney NSW, Kayla Caruso has revolutionised the music lessons industry, delivering a new fresh and innovative music lesson approach for students of all ages across a number of instrument disciplines.

Driven by her own passion for music, her vision to provide endless opportunities for music students to explore their full creative potential & individuality is innovative, daring, and inspiring.

Kayla’s innate understanding of an old staid industry approach along with her unparalleled willpower have resulted in a fast and ever growing number of 550+ students learning across Australia and New Zealand, and is fast propelling her music lessons formula to the forefront of the musical education industry.

She has expanded the Music Lessons Academy brand into a true destination for music tuition for x12 instrument disciplines, in both Australia and New Zealand with plans to grow into the USA and UK markets in 2022 & 2023.

It’s about authenticity. It’s about embracing community. It is Kayla Caruso and the united family of teachers and staff at Music Lessons Academy.

Kayla’s Story

Music Lessons Academy a music school tech start-up is fast becoming Australia’s leading music education studio, delivering the type of music tuition the marketplace desires.

Considered the leading innovator, Kayla Caruso has been responsible for the creation and marketing of the company’s music lesson services since she founded the brand 2 short years ago.

How did it start?

2003. Kayla began learning the piano. Inspired by her own music teachers, she had always known she wanted to teach music as a career since the age of five.

2016. After graduating from high school, Kayla was accepted into a Bachelor of Business at UTS. The same year, her high school music teacher asked Kayla to teach her niece & nephew. Kayla’s first two students are still learning under her guidance.

2017. Piano Lessons Australia‘s website and mission was built, with the intention to find Kayla more students to teach. After being fielding more enquiries than she can handle, Kayla sought help from university friends to teach piano around Sydney. With gritty determination, combined with years of experience as a student in the musical education industry, Kayla created a music teaching program to deliver exciting music lessons; implementing fresh new approaches to a formally staid & moth balled industry.

2018. Kayla decided to leave her university studies behind to concentrate on building a larger music teaching community beyond Sydney and Piano Lessons Australia grew nationwide.

2019Piano Lessons Australia reached 150 students. Music Lessons Academy & Piano Lessons New Zealand was born out of interest to teach multiple instrument disciplines encompassing (piano lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, voice lessons, trombone lessons, trumpet lessons, clarinet lessons, bass lessons, and ukulele lessons.)

2020Music Lessons Academy leads the Australian Musical Education industry by storm, not only surviving through the COVID pandemic but continuing to grow reaching 350+ students and a network of 120 teachers across x12 instrument disciplines Australia & New Zealand wide.

2021. Music Lessons Academy surpasses 500 students. From January 2021, Kayla has been working closely with James Corne, managing director of The Franchise Institute, in creating Music Lessons Academy Australia into a household name and franchise business. With plans to launch the franchise model in mid to late 2021 this is exciting times for the industry, and the team at Music Lessons Academy.

What makes the brand unique?

With a continuously evolving vision, Music Lessons Academy understands the balance between delivering a fresh perspective to an otherwise stale classical approach and finding the right teachers to deliver this new perspective is vital to our students’ success. With a strong emphasis of teaching young students – the program is also open to adult learners.

“Your children are already amazing, we just help them show it”
Kayla Caruso

What does the future hold for this young CEO & brand?

Kayla is currently and actively working towards taking her brand global.

Growth in her company will result in more opportunities for both the students & teachers of Music Lessons Academy. After entering the New Zealand marketplace in 2019 she plans to take Music Lessons Academy to both the UK and USA marketplaces in 2022 & 2023.


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