Transforming any room is easy when working with framed art prints. Kayla Caruso’s unique and mesmerising art print designs bring life to that empty spot on the shelf, display unit or wall. Still unsure of how to decorate these designs with style? Continue reading to start our decorating journey.

  1. Stairway art gallery:

The empty wall along your staircase is the perfect place to start decorating. Hang your framed art prints in an ascending manner to create your own personalised art gallery. Don’t get too excited and forget to plan out your gallery before you start drilling! Place the framed art print where you’d like it to hang and mark the top-centre of the frame. This ensures your gallery will be evenly spaced out and won’t look sloppy.

2.  In between wall shelves:

Show off your wall shelves by placing a different art print at the back of each shelf, with candles, books or other ornaments drawing attention to the frame. 

3. Grid wall display:

Kayla Caruso’s square art prints are the perfect shape and size to design a grid wall display. Again, you will need to map out where each frame will hang before you begin drilling. Using four or nine art prints, evenly space each frame out to create a large square display. 

4. Bare surfaces

Add a bit of personality to your living room coffee tables, side tables or tv units by displaying a personalised framed art piece. Kayla Caruso’s personalised art pieces are designed within 2-3 days of ordering and can be designed to match any style and depict any scene.

Empty walls dampen the mood of any house, so start adding life to your walls and empty side tables by decorating with framed art prints.