Home Wall Hanging Decor and Tapestries

You may have been noticing tapestries making more of an appearance as an instagram interior designing trend. Have you been blown away with how gorgeous tapestries and wall hangings transform basic rooms into an artsy living space. 

Though most people aren’t confident in their own styling choices, tapestries make a great way to decorate any space simply. Bold and captivating, you can also create a feature wall hanging tapestries to create an easy eye catching display.

The collage print tapestries on KaylaCaruso.com are available as 42inch x 42inch tapestries and feature many popular collages by Kayla Caruso. There is a designer range of colours and styles online, but if you’d like something that is designed to fit into your home’s aesthetic, get in touch with Kayla to organise a commissioned collage tapestry. Commissioned art pieces by Kayla Caruso are all one-of-a-kind pieces that make great unique gifts and pieces to decorate with.

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