Blossom Heights Lookout

Available as an art print in three different sizes.

cherryblossomreflection web

A portrait piece of Kayla Caruso herself.

Digital Collage Art by Kayla Caruso – 27.08.18

Originally titled “Personal Reflections”, this piece was made during a time of sudden change in my life. A relationship breakdown meant that I had to move from the city back to my hometown in Western Sydney, a dramatic lifestyle change that I worked so hard to avoid. I had moved into the city when I just turned 18, and I lived stayed afloat for two and a half years. I desperately want to move back, but while I am in my hometown I’ll just have to keep my hopes high that I will not be out here for long.

Photographers to Credit

Kayla Caruso

Mathew Schwartz

Yuichi Kageyama

Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Dei R

Ina Soulig

Masaki Komori