flower crown

Available as an art print in three different sizes.

flower queen web

A favourite piece from Kayla’s “Cherry Blossom” collage collection.

Digital Collage Art by Kayla Caruso – 05.08.18

I made this collage after a relationship breakdown and sudden lifestyle change. I gave myself a sunflower crown to make myself feel like a fierce queen once again, but after experiencing so much heartbreak, it took me some time to get back into crafting collages again. I am happy to say that the sad Kayla has stepped aside and a positive, optimistic Kayla has returned since “Flower Crown” was made.

Photographers to Credit

Kayla Caruso

Paul Green

Andrew Small

Anton Scherbakov

Andy Fitzsimon

Nick Saxby

Braden Jarvis

Vincent Van Zalinge

Masaki Komori